The Hands Up App audio & video records 
encounters with law enforcement.


How To Use the App

  1. Once pulled over by a police officer, turn on the app, click front facing camera and begin recording. The best position for this is to place the phone on the dashboard between the windshield and middle of dashboard with a slight tilt towards the driver's side window. By using the forward facing camera you can see that the camera is positioned correctly right before the screen goes black.
  2. Once you begin video recording, you have 10 seconds before the app will go black, but the app is STILL recording. This feature is to protect you from police that might take or destroy your phone.
  3. If you are pulled over at night, turn on your overhead light so that encounter with law enforcement can been seen.
  4. This app uses the GPS feature on your phone and will geotag each video.
  5. Please create a YouTube page and login on your phone. This feature will automatically save videos every 2 minutes of recording. It will save to your app, your device, your Dropbox and can be uploaded to YouTube.
  6. Please download the Dropbox app and set your device to automatically save pictures and videos to your Dropbox account and share the account information with your emergency contact so they will have access to the video.
  7. Please enter an emergency contact information. Every time a video is uploaded it will send a text message to your contact notifying them a video has been uploaded to Dropbox.
  8. This app will work to publicize all peaceful protests and demonstrations across the nation. Please feel free to email us at handsuptheapp@yahoo.com with upcoming protests and demonstrations.


Pulled over by the police Dont panic.jpg

Do's & Don'ts

  • Make sure you have updated driver's license, registration, and insurance information.
  • Be polite and don't make any sudden movements.
  • Always comply with the police officers' requests.
  • Tell the officer if there are weapons in the car.
  • Tell the officer this entire stop is being recorded.
  • Ask the officer his name, badge number, and reason for the stop.
  • If they say "you fit the description of a suspect in the area", ask "what is that description?"
  • Don't be a jerk to the officer.

Do you know of a protest happening?
Are you planning one?

Hands Up 4 Justice will work to publicize all peaceful protests & demonstrations across the nation.

Contact us at handsuptheapp@yahoo.com


Get justice.